I’m an analyst turned parent scouring the internet so you don’t have to.

Hi, my name is Jen. In April 2011 I became a mother to a fiercely independent baby girl. My sweet cuddly boy followed soon after in June 2012.  I am a stay at home mother, the job I’ve wanted my entire life. Before my new career as a mother, I was a government analyst with research, writing, briefing, and managerial duties. I never thought I was a good analyst  – but I was an awesome researcher. I likened my strengths more to that of a journalist – one who could find every data point on a particular issue, weigh the strengths and weaknesses of an argument, and appropriately synthesize the information for the general audience (or an audience full of generals, as the case may be).

As a mother, I took to researching parenthood the same way I researched terrorist networks. I am not alone.  Parenthood, especially motherhood, has increasingly included the practice of developing parenting styles and philosophies not only on the advice of a doctor, family, and local community but also from multiple sources independently selected by the mother.

That being said, each individual mother so far has had to find the nuances of her particular issue herself, spending countless hours staring at glowing screens while nursing, rocking, or perhaps while parking her child in front of the television for a well-deserved break. That duplicity of effort slays me. The only thing I hate more is the spouting of conventional wisdom and ‘known facts’ without proper backup or without understanding the arguments against that particular position. As it happens, those are the same pet peeves with which I left the government.

I don’t pretend to be an expert. I have no degree in childhood education. I am not a doctor. My children are still very young so I don’t have the weight of years of experience. I hope to not dictate what parents should do or believe, but rather give them the tools to make their parenting decisions with the support of like-minded communities. My strength is the never-ending pursuit of knowledge and opinions even on subjects that only tangentially touch my own interests as a parent.


Your thoughts?

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