Responses to Breastfeeding and Baby Friendly Hospitals

While we’re stoking the fires this week, here are two responses to my earlier breastfeeding article in The Federalist.


Slate: No, You Boob, Government Support For Breastfeeding Is Not a Threat to Our Freedom.

(Can I tell you how much I love this headline? Even though it’s directed at me? Snark for the win. There’s a reason I love Slate).

On a more serious note, upon reading this article, it seems as though Ms. Marcotte and I actually agree on a lot of things, and that she really didn’t take the time to read my article. We, of course, differ on the role of government, but that’s the main disconnect between both parties. I wish people would realize that.

Suzanne Barston responds: Of Nanny States and Nonesense

<begin self-conscious butt-covering>

I hesitated posted links here to my Federalist articles and the responses because I really really didn’t want to get all political here. I’m one of those people that think it’s totally okay to agree to disagree (and am non confrontational and want everyone to like me and am open minded and have changed my views often based on good arguments).  The articles have taken up a lot of my writing time, but I will try to go back to writing for this site as well.

</end self-conscious butt-covering>

Enough politics. Back to The Dreaded Sippy Cup Transition!

Okay, I still haven’t succeeded in moving 16 month old J to sippy cups, so maybe I can’t be the authority on that subject.