The No-Cost, No-Time, No-Construction, No-Sew Play Kitchen

ikea play kitchen

There are a few things you need to know about me.

1. If I don’t finish something in an afternoon, it will never get done

2. I’m extremely cheap

3. I can’t sew

4. I can’t build things

So when I decided I wanted to build L a kitchen today, my options were limited.

Enter the Ikea Leksvik hat rack. We love this hat rack (and the matching shoe rack). However, we just don’t have space for the hat rack in the new house.

I turned it upside down and moved some hooks around. Voila, the basis of the kitchen.

The Sink:

One of the types of hooks looked like a J-faucet and the other type looked like faucet knobs, so I adjusted the hooks accordingly. I used a wire basket for the sinkĀ  (with some screws in empty hook spots to hold it in and shelf liner on the bottom). Next to the sink is space for an outlet (an outlet cover I had lying around.)

The Stove

For the stove, I cut up a Crate and Barrel flexible cutting board. I stuck some blank CDs and put the cutting board on top of them, and then drew in some ‘coils’. I used the hooks that looked like knobs for the stove knobs, and I also used some Pottery Barn curtain rod finials in the middle (they could be broadway lights, or knobs – eh, use your imagination).
I didn’t really have any materials for an oven but I did use the wire basket part of a very small rice cooker/steamer that I never used and placed in under the stove. L seemed to get very quickly that it was supposed to be an oven.

The Backsplash

We already had a corkboard hanging, so I just added a spice rack, a magnetic board, and a clock. I ‘installed’ another ‘outlet’. I also have some push lights that we never use so I added them to the corkboard as well. Finally, I hung a lampshade for the kitchen light.

What makes this even better is that since it’s a hat rack made for hanging, we can hang the entire kitchen at toddler height and hang the backsplash above it.


Update: Lactation Chic asked me for more detailed photos. Instead of honoring her request, I added on to the kitchen and took some fuzzy cell phone photos. Sorry!

The countertop: I placed the Ikea structure onto a cheap silver-ish Target trunk we’ve had forever. The hat rack was longer than the trunk so I also put a crappy orange crate we had in our backyard next to the trunk. On top of the trunk and the crate, I put some awesome granite and marble hot plates my parents had given us from pieces of their old kitchen. Then I put the hatrack on top, to create an island/countertop in front of the sink/stove combo.

More backsplash: I added another corkboard and put in a picture/window and a little mailbox. I nailed the hatrack into the two corkboards to keep it secure on top of the trunk.

An oven! I took a priority mailing box (that just came today!), covered it in foil, cut a square hole and put a cute square scrapbooking box I have. Then I placed it in a square aluminum desk inbox/mail holder thingy and stuffed the whole contraption into one of the hat cubbies.

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