“Wait but Why” does my dream post on names

Names. Oh names. I’m not a name nerd. My children’s names are not overly unique.  I don’t think they are too popular, but they are popular nevertheless.

I also don’t get too worked up about overly uneeek names (although kreative spellings sometimes make me raise my eyebrows).  Those who use Gywneth Paltrow’s baby Apple as an example of a crazy baby name has no idea how crazy celebrity names can get! It doesn’t take too much to finally desensitize me to unusual names.

That being said, what does drive me insane is layperson pronouncements on baby name trends, or what’s popular, or what’s passe.  It comes from being an analyst; I don’t like to pretend that I know what I’m talking about without at least doing a modicum of research.

That’s where the Baby Name Wizard comes in. Laura Wattenberg is not your typical baby name analyst. A data nerd, she pulls from the Social Security Administration website to delve into every nook and cranny of the world of baby naming. Her most well-known tool is the Name Voyager, but I also have love for the Name Mapper, looking at the popularity of baby names by states.

Finally, one of my favorite websites, Wait but Why, has taken Wattenberg’s years and years of analysis and blog posts and distilled it down for new readers with his trademark humor.   I was pleased when the post came out because it’s everything I’ve wanted to write.  Let it be your gateway drug to the awesome world of baby name data visualization.


Your thoughts?

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