A few recent preschool related articles

First is the Brookings Institution’s write up on new research into Tennessee ‘ program. The author also tackles misleading statements regarding previous research,  including Tulsa’s program.

Second,  good discussion on universal pre-k on the Freakonomics blog. They seem to have come to the same conclusions I have.

Third is the YWCA Tulsa’s recently released report on “Child Care in Crisis”.  I am looking for an online link. The center just ended its forty year program due to rising costs.


2 thoughts on “A few recent preschool related articles

  1. It seems to me that all this government spending on pre-K is having a pernicious (and entirely predictable) crowd-out effect, further weakening the institutions of civil society that so impressed Tocqueville. I’m thinking not only of the YWCA child care, but also Trinity Episcopal Day School and Evangelistic Temple School. Are there others?

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