A desk for the boy (or: turning the toddler bed upside down)

Well, I broke the crib. Whoops.

It was set as a toddler bed but I slept in it with the J almost every night for months. I finally moved it back to a crib (long story). Well, when we did so, it was just…not safe. Cracked supports, etc.

So J is now back to a mattress on the floor.  As for the crib…

I was inspired by this:



Super easy, right? Just keep the one side off (like a toddler bed), raise to newborn height, add some chalkboard paint, and voila. The creator of this desk had to get some particle board to sit on the mattress supporter, but my Ikea Sniglar crib actually has a solid mattress support so no problem.

Well, eep. First of all, I broke the crib some more by trying to get the railing off again. And because of how it’s designed, it was basically impossible to raise it to newborn height without the rail.

So what did I do? I put the crib back to toddler bed height, with the rail off…

and turned it over.



IMG_3662 IMG_3663


Does it look like a crib turned upside down? Err..yes. Actually, without the mattress on the bottom there/quilts hanging from the desk, it actually does look pretty desk-like. But I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to create a little tent/nook.

I put my breathable bumpers around the legs to obscure the untrussed turkey look.  If I wanted to go hardcore, I could nail some particle board around the edges. Oh, and paint the desk. Those would probably make the look complete.

What to do with that extra side?



(from Blue Cricket Design)

I don’t have a picture of my version but it pretty much looks exactly like that. For once.


Your thoughts?

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