New Contributer and other exciting stuff

Hi everyone! Thanks for continuing to follow this page.  We will be rolling out new contributors one by one in order to smooth out the kinks. First up is Julie Oberholzer (aka Lactation Chic), co-founder of Holistic Mothering LLC. Welcome!

You may notice a half-hearted attempt at making a forum on our Facebook page.  I will be tweaking it (and using new software) and should also be able to link the forum to the webpage as well.

Third, I am working on a CafePress shop with useful graphics, notepads, and dry erase boards. And for fun, I also have clothing with whimsical yet empowering messages.

Finally, I hope to create a PDF printable resource book that I can add to as I write posts, as well as infographics if the occasion warrants them.

That’s the way ahead (a very long term way ahead)! I hope to finish playing around with all our changes and start posting again soon.


Your thoughts?

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