Basics: Bottle-Feeding Resources

Do you bottlefeed? Tired of not being able to find good advice on formula feeding and/or exclusive pumping? I’ve got resources for you.

First there is, which touts itself as evidence based parenting (spoiler alert – evidence-based parenting websites generally are pro-attachment parenting). You may get some scary articles about how bad formula is, but there is also great information on pumping and how to do it effectively. And lest I sound negative, I love KellyMom – it is a great resource.

Second is Bottle Babies, which is the KellyMom for bottlefeeders, whether formula feeding, supplementing, part time pumping, or exclusively pumping.

Third is Fearless Formula Feeder, which has some posts debunking (or at least critically analyzing) studies and articles about the benefits of breastfeeding, but also has Fearless Fridays where formula feeders or combo feeders share their stories.


Your thoughts?

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